Sunday, 1 May 2011


Things have been changing lately, since my last post a few issues have reared there ugly heads, which has forced us to re-structure our planes for the final animation. Essentially Tom Dowler and I had to make the difficult decision of cutting two scenes out of the animation due to time pressures.

What this has inevitably done is cut 30 seconds off the projected animation length, but has also saved valuable time that would have been spent creating two different and unique scenes which would have had their own selection of props, environmental lighting, textures and so on.

Another issue and reason for why the animation has been cut is down to the time it has taken to create our character rigs. By this stage it quite fair to say that our Achilles heel of this project has been the rigging process, but this was just a misfortunate occurrence due our limited knowledge in the area.
On the good side of things, allot of the geometry is almost finished, here's a few pictures of the hunters cabin, which has been a collaboration of mostly Matt Luxton, with parts from myself and Matt Butler.

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