Sunday, 12 December 2010

Game of Catch up

Been some time since last post, but here comes I with catch up news!!!

Recently the team just gave in the design bible for the project, which would include the environments, props, characters, etc. Most of the stuff I have already posted, but here's some of the overspill I haven't got around to posting:

Here's Some concepts for the Hunters Cabin:

Some sketches of the cabin as a whole, I wanted to convey more of a mood, for both how the props will be laid out but also what the lighting conditions would be like. How I thought about it, is that you wouldn't at first glance think you were on an airship rather that you were in a wealthy house's study or in some gentleman's club

on top of the concepts for the cabin, some props still were still not fleshed, for instance on of the chairs and desk lamp.

Camp and Jungle concepts:

Environments for the jungle and the camp, wanted to get a better understanding for the colours that will be used in the final animation. I was thinking vibrant and contrasting, colours that would counter the colour scheme of the blimp and the cabin. Having a clear distinction between both worlds so to speak.

Plant and creature designs that the main characters will encounter throughout the animation. The first two will be obstacles the hunter will encounter (gets eaten), which should make it clear that this jungle is a dangerous and alien place. The last two sketches are of rough plant concepts that will make of the fauna of the jungle.

That's it for now, but ill attempt to post some more soon.

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