Thursday, 4 November 2010

Recent stuff

Hunter Character modeling developments

Been adding more details on and off and attempting to create good topology

More concept work

In other news I created some more concept work for the characters to give a better idea of what there clothing and general attire:

Air Ship (blimp)

I realised the other day that I hadn't covered the design of the airship in the animation on the blog so here are some concepts to take a gander at

For the airship found in the animation I wanted something that looked ominous but at the same time look as though it had been around for years without proper maintenance. Initially I was looking at existing airships, like zeppelins and blimps but found that they seemed to minimal in regards to detail and came across quite fragile, so for reference I ended up looking at old ships, in particular iron clad warships, submarines and steam boats, that felt while looking at them as though they were always fighting the elements and appeared rugged:

Some Reference:

Concept work

final design concept

For more recent updates on the the modeling progress of the airship (silver fox) please vist Matt Luxton's Blog

Finally I saw this today and found it inspiring:

Making of Burning Safari, Florent de La Taille from Florent de La Taille on Vimeo.

thats it for now, cheers

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