Monday, 2 May 2011

The Situation So Far

Things so far..... Unfortunately even though the team has worked there hardest it looks as though we will not be able to get all the renders out for hand-in on the 20th May. The compromise will be that we get every shot done with animation and as much done towards effects and environments as possible so we can render after the hand in date. At present I don't know how this will impact the marking. What is important however is that we strive to keep the story and animation intact, so even if we hand in play blasts, they will well done animated scenes and not half rushed versions that we were able to render in time.

I'd thought I'd change the subject of this blog a little and go over some of the other things im doing. I recently started on my innovations project. For those who don't know what the innovations project is, it's the assignment we have been given in relation to coming up with idea or objective in learning a particular area that we are unfamiliar with, which we can either add to and/or present some material to help others learn from. For me I've picked to focus on body mechanics involving human characters. The project will be split up into a range of different actions by the same rig, where the character will perform actions such as jumping, running, kicking a ball, etc.

Thats it for now, cheers

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