Monday, 31 May 2010

Latest happenings

Here's some of the recent activity that Ive been up to. For one of the end of term/end of year projects, we have been asked to produce and prepare a pitch on a project of our choosing for people in the industry. More specifically, me and 4 others have teamed up to pitch an idea for a game similar to Team Fortress 2, ware the concept behind the game will be an online first person shooter, stylised (toon shaded)around recognisable animals. Its important to note that there is allot of humor surrounding this game and should not be taken seriously

Here's some character designs I was asked to come up with:

This is five out of the ten characters done for the pitch. All characters have been characterised very much by were they come from geographically and are playing heavily off stereotypes. Id also like to add that, like Team fortress 2, characters will also be defined on what they look like by what class they are in the game. For instance the the fox is a hunter/sniper, so his appearance will reflect this.

In other news, some negotiated brief updates

I ended up changing what my character's anatomy was going to be, I decided on a more slender, visually reconsigned frame. So far Ive been able to get good results with a stretchy spine, rigged legs (including controls for feet), hands with finger controls and FKIK arms with a smooth blend controller. The major problem for me at the moment is making sure everything is working and moving together effectively. For instance my FKIK arm doesn't follow around with the rest of the body (result arm does, but not selected arm system). I hope to have most of the technicalities sorted out by the end of the week, which will allow me to create some animation for my character.

Thats it for now, more later

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