Friday, 19 February 2010

Update on recent happenings

Got some stuff going on recently, thought id share it on the big net:

Immediately after finishing the creative writing project we were briefed on the next set of projects leading up until Easter.
The major one, consisted on choosing between 2 different areas of an industry's pipeline and focusing on it, generating an idea from it and finally creating a piece of work at the end. The two areas where, post-production (compositing, visual effects, etc) and pre-production (visual design, concept design, design bible).

For me, I chose post production, simply because It's an area I know little about and I feel as though I could get into it later on down the road.

To start with, we had to get into small groups and create a film clip that was roughly 50 seconds long and composite effects and/or graphics into the scene.
Story or any sort of narrative was not required, so most of it will be marked on techniques used and quality on how well the additional elements blend with the film footage.

In the last few weeks, we have had to create a storyboard to plot out the sequence and film some real world stock footage to use with the composted elements

Here's a few pages of some storyboards I did earlier in the term for this project

In other news, I recently joined and started a sketchbook there


Thats it for now, cheers

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