Friday, 27 November 2009

More Of 11 Second goodness....

Been lacking on here recently but Im back with two more updates for the 11 Second club,
Here we go:

Final Outcome

3rd Week submission

Well here I am at the end of the 11 second project. Ill say first off, Ive enjoyed this project quite a bit, Ive certainly learnt allot.

Above there are two videos, first being my final result and second being a video for the 3rd week hand-in, both of which where my first experiences in lip sinking. I wanted to convey a desperate nature about the character, a feeling of hopelessness. I played with more drawn out faces and the idea that the character never truly closes his mouth to give an impression that his emotions have rendered his face to mush.

I feel as though I got a bit of what I wanted for the performance for the lip sinking but looking back at it now I would really like to try out more animations and really get to grips with lip sinking techniques with different more complex rigs.

Going back to the overall animation and my conclusions of the project, I feel that for this project I had to develop more to problem solving. What I mean by that of course is that this project was, comparing to to the past projects, more advanced and involved in the ways of acting and responding to dialog, which I had never done before and proved as a bit of a learning curve. For instance timing was a hurdle for me for this animation, getting the timing right was a challenge and still is.

Technical problems too were an issue, I feel I got to get more involved with the deeper areas of the animation features of Maya, in particular the curve editor and working out key frames.

Overall though I'm pleased because I got allot out of learning experience. rock on!!!

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